Privacy and Confidentiality

All personal information provided to JCE Positive Outcomes is protected under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

Contractor’s and staff’s personal information will be safeguarded and only used for reporting and recordkeeping purposes. This information will not be disclosed to a third party except as required under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (AQTF) or by Law, unless written consent is given.

Students will be given access to their personal records on receipt of a request in writing. Students will be required to provide photo identification before viewing these records.


Enrolment / Administration Fees

When delivering government funded training through traineeships and course programs, JCEPO will charge mandatory administration fees in line with State requirements.  These fees will be invoiced on enrolment of course. Instalment payments may be negotiated in the case of financial hardship. JCEPO will offer concessions and/or exemptions from fees in line with State guidelines.

When delivering fee-for-service training, the negotiated fee must be paid prior of commencement of training unless individual arrangements have been made.

Outstanding fees may result in a Certificate being withheld and/or training being withdrawn.

Refund Policy

Fees may be refunded under the following circumstances:

·          If an apprentice/trainee withdraws from an apprenticeship/traineeship prior to the commencement of training year of the final six months, and has provided notification to JCEPO in advance

·          If an apprentice/trainee withdraws from an apprenticeship/traineeship due to extended illness supported by a medical certificate.

·          If negotiated with JCEPO on an individual basis


Existing Worker Trainees (Fee for Service) or Fee for Service Students

  • Fee for Service costs are negotiated and details will be illustrated in the Existing Worker Contract or Fee-For-Service Contract as appropriate.
  • The initial instalment must be paid prior to the provision of training material and training commencing.
  • Should a cancellation occur if advised before the commencement of training a refund will be provided on request.
  • Please note JCE reserves the right to hold issued certificates until full payment received as per Existing Worker or Fee-For-Service Contract.

New Trainees (Government Funded)

  • The mandatory enrolment fee is determine by the relevant State/Territory Training Authority
  • Enrolment fee to be invoiced prior to commencement of training
  • JCE reserves the right to cease services where there is non payment of fee
  • Enrolment fees required by State/Territory Training Authorities are subject to the particular State/Territory Training Authority refund policy but are generally not refunded when the cancellation takes place after the commencement of services by JCE