What is on-the-job training?

All of our courses involve Structured Workplace Learning - often called on-the-job training or work placement. This means that during your course you will complete some of your learning activities (and be assessed) in a real workplace, giving you the chance to develop and demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have been learning throughout the duration of your course.

Structured Workplace Learning gives you valuable insight into the industry in which you are working. By taking this approach to your education you will develop contacts that could assist you on your future career.

How does it work?

Firstly, you'll need to identify and secure a relevant workplace, or if you are currently employed in an industry in which you wish to train in you can contact us to determine whether that workplace can support your learning. 

Once you have a work placement, you'll do a series of prescribed tasks and activities over time, and at an appropriate standard, under the guidance of a qualified Workplace Supervisor. You'll record these tasks in a logbook and complete an attendance report.

A JCE Positive Outcomes Workplace Assessor will regularly visit you and your supervisor to check on your progress. You might also need to create a workplace portfolio, which is used to collect evidence of your workplace learning experiences.

Skill Development Workshops

We also have an optional range of Skill Development Workshops available for students who would like to gain additional practical skills in their chosen field. If your course contains Structured Workplace Learning and you attend these workshops, these hours can be counted towards your work placement hours.

Printed Materials

For some of our courses, you have the option to receive your core learning materials, such as student workbooks, in the post. Regardless of the option you choose you can:

  • Start your course when it suits you
  • Study at home at your own pace
  • Be supported by experienced trainers and assessors
  • Have access to our extensive Student Support services

How does JCE Positive Outcomes help?

For those who might need assistance in securing a work placement, there's plenty of support to help you along the way, including:

  • Work Placement Support Team: our team of dedicated Work Placement Support Officers are there to provide one-on-one support for anyone finding it difficult to obtain a work placement. Call the Student Support team on 
  • (02) 6258 0033 for a referral.

For some of our courses we have additional support resources available, including:

  • Work Placement Network: We've also developed partnerships with a range of local businesses for those who are having trouble finding a work placement
  • Skills Development Workshops: if you'd like to enhance your practical skills even further, we run regular skill development workshops for certain course areas across major capital cities across Australia.

If you decide to travel to a Skill Development Workshop, you'll need to do so at your own cost. There could be a fee involved in the above services, so contact Student Support for all the details.