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JCE Positive Outcomes is very excited to partner with Gastronomicom to promote their programs in the Asia pacific Region. JCE Positive Outcomes is a progressive Australian owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that specialises in Hospitality and Commercial Cookery. The partnership with Gastronomicom and being appointed as their Asia Pacific representative is indeed in keeping with the vision and core business of both organisations.
Gastronomicom’s focus on the culinary arts is mirrored by JCE Positive Outcomes as they too are specialists in the art of cooking and pastry making. Students wanting to take up the study option in France will be assisted by the friendly staff at JCE and their representatives, to ease their path in getting to the college and making their stay there a pleasant one.

This collaboration of the two training organisations further promotes education and training in the Asia Pacific region. Now students who want a taste of French cuisine and training in the art of gastronomy need to look no further as the pathway is clear and laid out for them. The experience of working and studying in France will boost the employment skills of all those who attend the programs with Gastronomicom, not to mention the world of skills and knowledge that they will pick up!

Finally we have a partnership that makes it a winning proposal for all the players and at a very affordable price. The managing Director of JCE Positive Outcomes, Edward Nathan is very excited about offering this opportunity to all his students and the Asia Pacific market at large. Please feel free to contact our office for further information on this excellent opportunity to gain a French qualification while working and living in resort style accommodation.

Welcome to the new exciting world of Australasian training merging with European education and the world heritage listed French Cuisine!!

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