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Description of the Australian Higher Education System


The Australian higher education system consists of self-governing public and private universities and higher education institutions that award higher education qualifications.


The Australian Qualifications Framework

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is a single national, comprehensive system of qualifications offered by higher education institutions (including universities), vocational education and training institutions and secondary schools.

The AQF has 10 levels, each with defined criteria based on taxonomy of learning outcomes. Higher education qualifications are place between level 5 (the Diploma) and level 10 (the Doctoral Degree). The Bachelor Degree is at level 7. Each AQF qualification has a set of descriptors which define the type and complexity of knowledge, skills and application of the knowledge and skills that a graduate who has been awarded that qualification has attained, and the typical volume of leaning associated with that qualification type. The full set of levels criteria and qualification type descriptors can be found by visiting www.aqf.edu.au.

The main AQF qualification awarded by higher education institutions are Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees and Doctoral Degrees. There are also three qualifications at the sub-degree level: the Diploma, the Advanced Diploma and the Associate Degree. At the graduate level but below the Masters Degree are the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma.



Qualifications on offer from JCE

Note: This is a list of training products that the RTO has approval to deliver training and/or assessment in.  It is not an indication of what training products the RTO is actually delivering.  Individuals should contact the relevant RTO to confirm all delivery details of different training products.

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Withdrawals and Refunds

Please note that if withdrawn from your course after the JCE Positive Outcomes invoice due date, you will be liable for payment of the fees even if you have not attended classes or completed any work.

The Student Administration Fee may be refunded under the following circumstances.

  • If a participant withdraws from the study course due to extended illness supported by a medical certificate

  • If a participant has experienced extenuating circumstances (as per JCE Positive Outcomes policy) that prevents the student from continuing study with JCE Positive Outcomes

  • If negotiated with JCE Positive Outcomes on an individual basis and received approval

All requests for refund of fees needs to be made in writing and emailed to trainingcoordinator@jcepositiveoutcomes.com.au

The above is in keeping with our RTO’s present refund terms and conditions policy.